Mental Health Is a Serious Issue

Mental health is a very serious issue. If you’re uneducated on the subject, please research it. There are plenty of ways you can help those who suffer from it and to be able to help recognize the signs. Everyday we lose lives to this issue; and it isn’t until it is too late and we lose someone we know and/or love that we start to really look at the problem. Let’s help start the Mental Health Awareness movement and help those in need. Sometimes a few comforting words or taking the time to smile and say hello to someone, can make all the difference in the world.
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Disrespect Is Disrespect

In recent days, we have seen waves of national media coverage covering protestors burning the American flag. In Chapter 1 of the Title 4 of the United States Code it says”No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America”. It doesn’t matter the issue, disrespect is disrespect. However, everywhere people are writing off this act as just another way to express their Freedom of Speech; but I firmly disagree. This is despicable, disrespectful, and repugnant. Continue reading

Yes I Voted for Trump, and No I’m Not a Racist

Over the past couple days I have watched as Americans have further divided the country, attacking others for their choice in a candidate. All across social media, there are posts about how Trump supporters HAVE to be racist, bigots, homophobic, etc. to have voted for the man. There are protests in the street causing destruction and chaos, because the candidate they chose did not win. There are petitions to try and get the electoral votes to be removed. Continue reading

It’s Been a While…


Dang…8 months! Time has certainly been speeding by in the last year. From school activities for my daughter, to random life events, to helping take care of other loved ones; it’s surprising how much faster life seems to go as you get older.

But don’t worry this is not the end. While I may not be an everyday poster, I do want to get back in the habit of writing my own blog. So remember: It’s been a while, but I have returned.

Guns Don’t Kill People…People Kill People

crushed newpaper imageI understand letting people know about lives that were lost or other tragic events that take place in the world. However, what I don’t understand is why the media feels they must help the wrongdoers. Many people who are at fault in school shootings, bombings, etc. are looking to be immortalized, even if it is for something horrible. They are after attention. Instead of focusing on the person who committed the crimes, they should focus on the people who were lost. Continue reading